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Performance Physiotherapy provide Surfing Assessments.

Performance_Physiotherapy_Sevices_surfing_assessmentsPerformance Physiotherapy provide Surfing specific assessments to overcome injury hurdles and improve performance. We know how frustrating and painful surfing related injuries can be. We can assess your injury and provide you with an exercise program aimed at getting you back in the water as soon as possible, we then work with you to prevent further injury.

Performance Physiotherapy has an extensive history of providing services for local to international level surfers. Surfing specific assessments are available to of any level surfer looking to prevent injury or optimise performance.

•    Surfing Specific Flexibility Screening
•    Strength training and Core stability for Surfing
•    Surfing Technique Analysis and Correction

For further information call us on (02) 9526 2633, or email us at Info@performancephysio.com.au